Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's all Good

This week has been pretty awesome. I LOVE the enthusiasm that Hna. Magalei has for the work. We`ve worked hard, and invited people to be baptized. We have felt the guidance of the spirit too. We get along so great. She is hilarious and laid back but understands the importance of the work. She has had a big change in her life and feels the love of the Savior and her testimony strengthens mine and she firmly believes that we can always progress. I have felt very well with her and things with Hna. Motta have gotten a lot better too. It`s interesting being in a threesome, kind of awkward walking in the street, but it`s nice if we ever need to be in two different parts but close by because we do this cool triangle thing where one hermana is in the middle and can see us both.

So we`ve had this reference for couple of weeks but his is only available on Saturday afternoons. But the thing is he lives FAR away from where we`re working. We went last week, and didn`t find him. We went on Saturday and again, we didn`t find him. But I was thinking about what Preach My Gospel says about references and how sometimes if we can`t locate our referral, maybe there is someone else waiting and needing the gospel close by. So we started knocking doors on this street where never before would we have gone out there (because it`s so far) and knocked like 4 houses and found a woman named America. She is GOLDEN (we think). And wants to get baptized. And we had to be brought all the way out there for the referral that didn`t work out to find her, because we wouldn`t have found her otherwise. It was AWESOME. I love how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Though we only taught her once but I am certain she will progress.

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Rjones said...

Ha ha referencia = reference = referral. Gotta love the spanglish. It'll be good to have you around to hablar a little espanol. Ya casi al fin! Termine con fuerza!