Monday, November 23, 2009


This week we aren`t doing anything special for Thanksgiving. I think we`ll buy a pie or something. But next week for district meeting our zone is going to have a Thanksgiving lunch.. with turkey and all ;) And for Christmas-we`re listening to Christmas music now!!- The mission is going to have an activity on the 15th I think .

Okay…guess what???? MAURICIO SE BAUTIZÓ!!!!! Wow, it was incredible his bautismo. It was very special for him too. It was even better than I expected because Hna. Flake was able to be in attendance (the assistants are usually really strict with letting people go back to areas for baptisms… so it was awesome!!!) Mauricio became very emotional during the program and even cried a whole lot…but was crying because he was so moved. It was very beautiful to see him baptized. His mom and sister (who usually don`t care much for what is the church) came to the baptism and they were also moved to tears. They were also able to come to his confirmation the following day.

I want to tell ya`ll a story about this other kid named Matias (he`s in the picture with Maurico coming out of the font).

This week we were walking along the street (walking in the complete opposite direction of the church) when we see Mauricio headed toward us in the opposite direction. When we stopped to ask him what he was up to. The conversation went something like this…

Hey!, where`re you headed?
To the church!
Oh, okay, why are you headed there?
We have an appointment
With who? (we thought it was with a leader in the church or something)
With my friend Matias (That`s weird we thought…who`s Matias?), Oh…with who, Hno Raymon?
No, with you guys
With us? We don`t have an appointment today.
No, but My friend Matias wants to learn about the church too, so I told him to meet us in the church at 6, so he should be waiting so let`s go.
But we`re not even headed to the church, how did you know you would find us there?
I don`t know, I just knew we`d find you, that`s all.

And so he did. He found us. He had the faith that he would run into us somehow at church. Do you know how big San Fernando is!??!! The odds of us running into him are very slim… but look what his faith did. Wow! So we started to teach his friend Matias (he`s 12 years old) and he is totally set on getting baptized!! He is so adorable and has many desires to learn. We compromited him to read and pray about it and he did and said that when he prayed and asked if Joseph smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true, he felt peace and joy… woo whoo!! Mauricio practically taught the entire lesson to Matias.

Even on the day of his baptism, we met up with Mauro because he was going to accompany us in an appointment with Matias and he came wearing his shirt and tie and carried around a briefcase bag with all his church books in it. As we taught this lesson to Matias we listened to Mauricio share his simple but powerful testimony of Jesus Christ and the trufulness of his gospel. I felt so happy. I felt so overwhelemed with joy. I truly can`t describe the joy I have felt here in the mission. I feel so blessed.

Welp, tengo mucho mas, pero el fin del tiempo se acerca…les quiero, les AMO mucho mucho, y siempre les tengo presente en mis pensamientos y mis oracions… Que tenga una buena semana!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chocolate Covered Garlic!

So transfers came and went again. Crazy huh? All during this transfer Hna. Flake and I talked about how happy we are to be working together in Guadalupe with this branch, the members and investigators. Everything was going too well….They decided to change Hna. Flake to Rancagua. We were certain that we’d be together another transfer because she only has 3 months here in Guadalupe. I know changes are good and all, but it was truly heartbreaking to be split up….(haha sounds like a break-up, no). Pero, de verdad!! The truth is I am a little worried about some of our investigators, some of them took it a little hard that Hna. Flake was going to leave. I know it`s about the gospel, not the missionaries. This is obvious, but it can still be difficult to see a missionary leave, testimony and all. But everything will be alright! Know who is my new companion?? Hna. Olson!!! Yes, my dear sweet companion from the MTC. We’re back together to make our mark in Chile  This will be fun….! Mauricio and Matias both are doing so well!! Matias is happy with his baptism, and we were able to teach his dad two times this week (he`s never before listened to us!!) . Mauricio is well too! (He`s the one in the picture… and yes, I am aware of the swastika too...they said he looked like hitler...?) Mauricio had a really rough week. He is experiencing a lot of adversity from family, ¨FRIENDS,¨ school and whatever other thing… But he is really excited for his baptism and hasn`t lost his excitement.

And… FRANCISCO SE BAUTIZÓ!!! Oh is was so bonito su bautismo!! He is SO CONTENT. He feels good. It was so beautiful to hear him describe his feelings when he was confirmed. He is so happy, so excited for this new road that he has taken. Andres and Gabriela are so well too!!! And GUESS WHAT!!!?? Gabriela and her two daughters are going to get baptized!!! She told us after going to church this last time how good she felt. She is Catholic and would go to mass every once in a while. But she said when she went she would come back the same person. But she said that when she went to the church of Jesus Christ, she felt something very different. She felt GOOD, and left a better person, with desires to do better. She felt changed even after one time. Her daughters (Javiera (12) y Valentina (10)) say they LOVE church! Valentina said she felt like Jesus was at her side the whole time they went. They even all of them with Andres and his kids went to church yesterday too! We set their baptism date for the 19th of Deciembre. Because Gabby and Andres need to get married… and they are going to get married!! Though Gabby cried a lot when Hna. Flake told her that she was leaving … though we`ve been praying a lot for them. For all of them in fact.

There are a bunch of other exciting things going on… I`ll keep you tuned in on the details…And guess what we did to our zone (hehe!!) Well, we had an activity with the zone the other day and so we decided to make a ¨treat¨ to give to the elders. So we bought a little chocolate and a little garlic and melted the chocolate and made chocolate covered garlic. They all thought they were eating chocolate covered peanuts! It was great!

Well, I realized that I never conversed with you guys about my leaving date, but still things are not set in stone.

I love you love you so much!! And thanks for updating my blog!!!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My favorite weekend so far...

Hi hi hi

This week has been incredible! And this weekend was one of my favorite weekends in all of my mission so far. Since I didn´t get to write in my journal about it all I will do it right now…how lucky you all are to read my journal ;) Though it wont be any different than my other emails…

Here goes.

WOW. I can`t believe the miracles that are going on here in Guadalupe. I am going to start with the lesson that we had with Mauricio the other day. Hna. Claudia (Mauricio`s teacher that introduced him to the church) accompanied us in the lesson. Before we could teach him anything we followed up in how he`s doing with the law of Chastity… He confirmed that he is doing great and then proceeded to tell us a story… (keep in mind he is 14 years old). In his behavior management group his religion teacher didn`t show up for class. He said that they were all just sitting around bored so he decided he would teach them. So he got up in front of everyone and started to teach the gospel. He started out with the Plan of Salvation and using the pamphlet (that he carries around with his book of Mormon) he drew the outline (but made it more interesting so the kids would get into it) and then taught them faith, repentance, and baptism. And to top it off he taught them all the law of Chastity and eternal marriage. He said that they all started to tease him but he told them that this is really serious and important for their happiness. They all went quiet and he taught them. And testified and introduced to about 35 kids something that they have never before heard of. As he told us what had happened with such sincerety and excitement Claudia cried with happiness. I felt such a joy!! The next day Claudia and he went to Santiago and saw the temple. He told us about how incredible it was and made him feel to just be there. Amazing no?

The next day Matias got baptized! It was a beautiful baptism. And know what? His DAD CAME!! His dad would never listen to us. When invited he would just laugh and tell us his ¨diabolic¨ and then leave the room. But his dad came. Right after the actual baptism he quickly left even though we still had the other half of the program to do. We thought maybe he didn`t feel comfortable being there and we were confused. But when we went to their house afterward Fanny told us it was because he got emotional and even began to cry…he couldn't explain it and got embarrassed so he left. But the next day he and his entire family came to church for the confirmation. And let me tell you, it was one of the most wonderful sacrament meetings! The primary did a program and the songs and the ¨talks¨ they gave were pure and full of love for Heavenly Father and their family. I felt so good! It made me love my family even more.

And you know what else? When we got to church and I shook Franciscos hand he looked at me with a huge grin on his face and the first thing he said was ¨I gave a Book of Mormon to my daughter!! ¨ He did! And he was so excited about it. He has been preparing for his baptism and he is so HAPPY and changed. We challenged him later on in an appointment to move his baptismal date up to this weekend instead of the next and he said he wanted to!! Also, we have been teaching a family muy especial. The dad was a member but made some not very good choices in his life. His ¨pareja¨ his girlfriend and he are living together and have 4 young kids together. She is very catholic but says that she always feels something special when we share with them. We love them so much and are so excited for their progress She has been sincerely looking to see if the church is true but hadn`t gone to church yet. But yesterday one of the most beautiful sights was to see all 6 of them file into the sacrament. All during the church the members talked to them, befriended them, invited them to activities and family nights and talked to her (Gabriella) about her doubts. Oh it was heavenly!!

This branch has been incredible to help us with the work. We have members that are so willing to come with us to lessons and help us teach. We have a mission leader who is excellent and hilarious. Hno. Arriagada. Yesterday he came with us to a couple of lessons. As we were walking along we came across a ditch of water that we needed to cross. Hna. Flake and I jumped it no problem but he had his nice shoes on and he didn`t want to chance it, so he backed up about 10 steps and ran and then jumped! It was a hilarious sight because he`s 50 years old and about half the size of me! …you just have to know him.

Later we went and visited Alex. He is a ward missionary and a recent convert. He comes from a not very good home and was really sad yesterday in church so we all visited him. And it was a very special experience.

Oh I am so happy.

Times up I need to go. I love you all so much so much!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I love you all so much!

This week continued very well. Matias continues with his baptismal plans this Saturday. Whoohoo!!! He is doing so well! Francisco also is doing fantastic. He is so eager to learn and obey and everytime we go he is more and more excited and enthusiastic about his baptism! He has learned how to pray because he never before did. He`s getting to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ like he has never before done. Mauricio also is incredible. The members of this branch are incredible to help and come to the lessons and are really befriending and supporting him. Yesterday we had a lesson where we had only officially invited one member to accompany us but when we got there 3 other members just showed up to support and share their testimony and help teach. It was incredible. We couldn`t do the work without the members. As we were in this lesson I couldn`t help but feel so much love for everyone of these members and Mauricio! I want to share my love and concern better. Though sometimes I feel like it`s hard to do that and that I don’t do it very well. When I went to bed last night I felt an overwhelming gratitude to my Heavenly Father for blessing me so much. I feel like I haven`t done a single thing to deserve so many huge blessings… To have the gospel in my life, to be here in Chile, to know these wonderful humble people to know who I am, to be able to be clean of sin when I repent, to feel this love and to have my friends and especially my family supporting and loving me. For having been raised and taught well the good things from the bad. I don`t know what I did to deserve it all, but I am very grateful.

I love you all so much!