Monday, April 5, 2010

A Great Semana

Weeeeeeeeellllllllp, it was a great semana. It was a crazy week. We are still learning and trying hard and praying harder for our trio companionship. One thing I love about Hna. Magalei is that she doesn`t let the crap fly like I had done a few times with Hna. Motta (because I wanted to avoid contention). She and Motta have bumped heads a few times, but I think things are getting across. We are just doing our best, loving one another, praying a whole lot, and leaving the rest up to the Lord. It will be okay. One thing that is great in the area is that we are teaching a man named Patricio. He is a dad of a member family that has been going to church for months now, but never felt ready, never felt the need to get baptized or stop smoking. Well, recently he felt strongly the need to be baptized after he took the personal initiative to read the Book of Mormon everyday. He has stopped smoking and is (we are planning) ready to be baptized this weekend. It will be very beautiful for him and his family. We had an awesome leccion with him about repentance and Hna. Magalei and I (Hna. Motta was sick that day) were jumping in our seats pretty much with excitement to see his excitement and desires to change.

Monica and Jairo went to two sessions of general conference!!! They loved it! And, the good news (and I hope permanent news) is that they have decided for sure that they are getting married (there had been doubts) and they are putting in the pilas to get all their paper work done. Today is Monica´s birthday so we are going to have a sweet FHE with them. One other thing that makes me so happy is to see the testimony that Monica has with the Book of Mormon. She loves it. Even though she is from Colombia she still has that sweet ¨oh no you di´int!¨ black attitude so it`s hilarious when we go to visit them and we ask about what we left her to read. She proudly holds it up to show us all the markings she made and does that ¨ ummm hummmm¨ lip jutting thing. If you can picture that… I love it. If there is one thing that I have felt and learned strongly in the mission is the changing power that the Book of Mormon has on the people. I know it`s because it talks of Christ, and teaches how we can apply his atonement and him in our life.

Speaking of Confernece, it was great, wasn't it? Once again I am amazed at how directly and clearly the questions I brought to be answered were answered. A LOT of things that were said were very helpful for me to apply in my companionship.

One thing that was very impactful for me this week was something that happened to Hna. Magalei actually. But it was such a strengthener to my testimony of the priesthood. Well, I am not going to include too many details, but a long story short is that Hna. Magalei was not doing so well and was able to receive a priesthood blessing from Elder Wengreen and other Elders. I could feel very strongly that the blessing wasn`t coming from E´Wengreen, but they were words that Heavenly Father wanted her to hear. She was able to feel better and is just fine now. Remind me to tell you about this experience when I get back.

We had a zone activity today and hiked a really brutal mountain. We didn`t actually get to the top because we didn`t have all day. …. But it was fun! Though I fell quite a few times and got a little scraped up. That was to be expected though. I seem to trip a lot these days.

Thanks for the pics!! I love them. Daneille is so grown up it makes me sick. I also got pics from Michelle and her baby. She is so cute!!! Sorry my pics didn`t work out. Maybe I`ll just wait till later to show ya`ll.

Well things are going well. I love the work. I love the Lord. And I love my dear dear family so much. That`s the truth.

Hna. Honez

P.S. I forgot to add an important detail to the blessing story for Hna. Magalei that when the elders were giving the blessing the assistant recieved a phone call right at that very moment just to see if everything was okay. It was President Resek that called and he had had a feeling that something wasn`t right with some missionaries and so called to check in. At the very moment that he was giving the blessing. It was really incredible.

P.S.S. I forgot to tell that last night we had a pretty decent sized temblor and I got excited... I think I was going through aftershake withdrawls... terrible huh?

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Hey, Bridgett and I are having baby. Cali probably told you. Welp, there you have it. I'm excited to hear all your experiences! We'll have to talk about other people nicely in Spanish too. It drives them nuts.