Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some recent pics...

The P-day - usually a bunch of missionaries gather at this place called "Lasagnas" to eat Empanadas! They are tasty.

This is Hna. Hatch, Hna, Descalzo, y Yo!

La Familia Pizarro-Guzman

Yessica, Kata, Lucia, Leonardo

Yocelin and Sebastian

Monday, July 20, 2009

She's here!!!

¡¡¡It´s a CALIFORNIAN!!!

Yes, I am a mother. She´s a healthy little blonde with much enthusiasm for the work of the Lord. I almost wanted the sister from columbia for my companion just so I could say I have a Columbian baby...ha.... But really I am very happy with my new compaion. Her name is Hermana Black and she´s from San Jose California. She is so sweet and has this angleic little voice and a pleasant way of teaching. And she speaks a good amount of spanish. It´s just hard for her to understand, as it is hard for any gringo whether they speak spanish or not. It reminds me of my first days when we walk out of a lesson and she tells me she didn´t understand a darn thing. But just like I mastered early on the art of laughing and nodding at the appropriate times, she also does well with this. I definitely feel a greater responsibilty being a trainer, but Hna. Black is pretty awes, and love her and I know we will have a good 3 months together.

I really feel happy in the mission. It seems like with every transfer, or compaion or maybe just with time I feel happier and more and more enthused to do the work. I feel very much that my savior loves me, that I have a purpose in life and He wants me to be happy. I can see that in the people here too. It makes me sad when people don´t feel loved and don´t think that there is much hope left in the world, because that clearly is not the case. Obedience is the key. When we find people that are unhappy it is always because there is disobedience to God´s commandments. If we obey, we´re happy. The concept is simple. I love the parable in John 15 ... Jesus talkes about how he is the vine and we are the branches. We can not live with him, we are nothing, we are dead without him. But he pleads with us to stay with him, and the way to stay with him and in his love is by obeying his commandments. There´s a lot more that someone could pull out of this parable, so read it, it´s good.

We´ve been lucky enough to have relativley pleasant weather thus far, but it sounds like we´re going to see a lot of rain this week :P We keep finding really good people, but then something happens and they aren´t home or are busy... But we keep working the same and are hoping to see some progress in a few of them.

Sounds like you guys are having a good summer. Is it really July? How weird. I am doing the right things to keep warm, don´t worry. I´ve got this water heating pad thingy and I put it in my bed at night and it´s like a little space heater for my blankets. It´s cozy warm...who needs in-door heating anyway ? My prayers are with Grandma and Grandpa. I hope they can both find the relief they need.

Thanks for everything.

I love you all dearly!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm going to be a Mother!!!

Rumor had it.

I am going to be a mother.

Or as the rest of the mormon world knows it, a trainer.

I think I denied it long enough that I was sure that it wouldn´t happen just yet, but it appears that my subconcience knew it all along and all last week I was eating a lot more than normal. When my district leader called me to tell me the news he asked if I have been feeling strange lately becuase I am going to me a “mom” and Hna. Pinto yells “ she´s been eating like a pig!” What´s even more ironic is that on Wednesday I complete 9 months in the mission...just enough time to have a kid. Turns out that I don´t get my new companion until tomorrow, so yesterday and today I have been staying in Tupahue with Hna. Olson (my old companion from the MTC) until tomorrow because she too is going to be a trainer. All we know is that one comes from the USA and one comes from Colombia. We´re excited but also really nervous. Okay, I´m REALLY nervous. I feel like I am still a baby in the mission and there´s so much I still need to learn. But I´m going to follow your advice, Dad, and just do my best. I feel now more than ever the importance of being worthy of the spirits guidance. I hope I can be a good example to her and that it can be a good experience for us both.

Yesterday we had a stake conference. It was really good. One of the speakers talked a lot about Chist and his Atonement. It got me thinking a lot about what I am doing so that the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ wasn´t in vain for me. Anybody can be an “active member” of the church, learn things every Sunday and even teach lessons, but we don´t all actively live the gospel of Jesus Christ somtimes our understanding of the Atonement isn´t more than a superficial knowldge. Let´s face it, no one will ever fully understand exactly what and how He did what He did. We can study it and read about it and teach about it all we want, but if we aren´t living the gospel, our understanding and faith in Him will be just that- very superficial. How do we live his gospel and apply the atonement then? Repenting. Washing ourselves with his blood. Changing and becoming better people through His grace. I´ve always had this knowlege but now I have an even stronger desire to live his gospel and understand better Jesus Christ and what he did for me and for everyone. I feel like I have barely only skimmed the surface, that my life is just starting on the journey to undetstanding.

It was the last week of Hna. Descalzo´s mission. I cried when she left. I seem to get more and more attached to my companions as they go. Also, we have an investigator that we´ve been teaching since the begninning of this transfer named Fabiola. I have come to love her and her two little kids very much. One Monday we had a Family Night with her and some members in the ward, and the very next day we got a call from the same members that her house had caught on fire and burnt down during the night. We were so worried but were relieved to find out that she and her kids are okay. That someone noticed the flames from her house at about 1 in the morning and went to wake her up. If they hadn´t waken her they would have been gonners. She has moved to live with her parents in Rancagua so we can´t teach her anymore. I didn´t realize how much I had become attached but I´ve felt kind of an emptyness in my heart when I think about her. Though we´ve been in contact with her through phone. Though her progress is going to be a lot more difficult because her parents don´t want anything to do with the chruch. But she plans on moving back if she can get her house built again. I am hoping for this!!

Welp, I´ll let you know how it goes with my new companion. EEKK!!! Okay, I am okay.... It´s okay.

I love you so much ! !!


Monday, July 6, 2009



Thanks for your email, Dad… sorry you had to go through all that just to get an email out before I check my email. I love you so much! Reading what you said about Mom and Erik and then that experience with Erik made my heart swell with such emotion and love for Him and my whole family. Although I´m about as far away as away can get (which really is far, I just discovered yesterday that the star constellation ¨Orian¨ is upside down), I love you as though I was right there, or…something like that, but the point is my love for my family has only grown!!

The weather here in Chile, or at least in the Rancagua region is really confused. One day it will be freezing cold, it pours rain all day and it seems like the whole world is coming to an end, and the very next day it´s blue skies and feels like early spring… I´ve heard some people say it´s a sign of the times…

I feel like all the hard word in Machalí is paying off here in Graneros! We were blessed enough to see another person baptized last week! Her name is Yocelin and has 11 years. I love her so much! I don´t think I´ve ever met an 11 year old with so much wisdom and understanding of spiritual things. She has such a sincere heart. At her baptism she shared her feelings in the chapel and described her baptism as something very special, that she felt something very special but couldn´t describe her feeling exactly. And yesterday she was confirmed with the Spirit. Her parents are very supportive and want to be baptized too. They come to church every week but they need to get married and Juan (the dad) still doesn´t want to get married for some reason he always says ¨más adelante.¨ meh. But they are well. Also Yéssica and Leonardo are doing great, Leonardo received the priesthood yesterday. They are very happy and it makes me happy.

During the week we made no-bake cookies and we gave some to their family. Kata kind of poked the cookies around because I guess they don´t look very appetizing but when she finally tried it she couldn´t stop talking about them. They want to have a family night to teach them how to make no-bakes…haha… at least the one thing I know how to make without an oven are making it big here in Chile.

Also something really neat…The other hermanas are teaching a family but are not married. The mom wants to get baptized and I guess she´s been going to church for about 6 months now, but her husband still doesn´t want to get married (it´s a problem here). But Lea is very patient and knows that one day she´ll be able to be baptized. Yesterday during the testimony meeting Lea got up and bore a simple testimony of Christ all the while with a huge smile on her face. She has the most beautiful smile and it was so touching to hear her feelings for the Gospel. I feel so blessed to be able to experience these things so simple but so significant and building.

Hna. Descalzo leaves this Sunday for her home . I am really nervous for the transfer. There has been this terrible rumor going around that I will be training a newbie next week. Now don´t get me wrong, training isn´t bad. It´s good. But it´s better when you have more time in the mission and feel better about your Spanish. Oye, I´m really hoping it´s just a rumor. I think I´ll be ready to train in about November or December.



Saturday, July 4, 2009

La familia Pizarro-Guzman se bautizo! Woooo hooo!!!

Well, hello there.

La familia Pizarro-Guzmán se bautizó! Whooohooo!!! The days and moments leading up to their baptism were a little crazy. Just about all that could go wrong did go wrong…needless to say I was a little stressed out and had a small emotional break down just minutes before the service started. But it was in the privacy of the primary room so no one saw and it only lasted about 1 minute. I consider that good since I haven´t had a break down since my training (I´m still an emotional girl) But amidst all the adversary, it didn´t stop them from being baptized! I enjoyed your story Dad, about the 80 year old lady that you baptized and how the water was ice cold…because the same thing happened with the family Pizarro!! Though the water wasn´t quite ICE, it sure wasn´t a pleasant hot tub. But it all worked out so beautifully. Yéssica was so nervous and Kata también. But they were all very content and happy. They were filled with emotion and so happy. I can´t explain how they were, but it just warmed my heart to see them so happy and squeaky clean (hehe). The ward here has played a big role in their progress and are being so good to support and help them along the way. We´re happy for this. I wanted to send pictures today but there is some kind of holiday and everything is closed so I couldn´t print them.

You asked me Dad how my shoes are holding up. I haven´t been wearing my shoes much lately because it´s cold, but the boots I bought here to keep me warm died last week so just now I bought another pair that I think will hold up for the winter. They have a slight heel, which makes me even taller. I´m already about a head taller than everyone here.

Yeah, well I want you to know that I love you so much. It was incredible to see this family take this step together. It made me think of how much I love my family. Heavenly Father knew EXACTLY what I would need in my life to help me along the way and to give me happiness so he let me be a part of our marvelous family. I am so grateful everyday for this and so grateful to be here in this moment. Do good things and say your prayers always.