Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My favorite kid from the program is graduating on Friday. I know, we're not supposed to have favorites, but meh. This kid is pretty great. He had a hard life behind him, and will have an extremely challenging life ahead of him, but he has a good heart and is determined to make things work, so they will. We're all sad he's leaving, I think I might even cry at his graduation, but it's a good thing of course. But another client and I were trying to talk him into doing something dumb so he can stay in the program longer, but he wouldn't give in to peer pressure (smart kid).

So guess what? My Aunt told me a while ago that she wanted to make me a skirt or two for my mission. How nice is that? We met up at my grandmas to do some measuring and looking at patterns and it turns out she has plans to make a lot more for me than "a skirt or two." First of all, my aunt is an incredibly skilled seamstress so she could honestly make anything. Second of all, this is really REALLY nice of her to do. It takes a lot of time (and money for fabric) to sew things. I can remember clear back in Junior High when I was in sewing 1, AND 2. My specialty? Pajama Pants. I could make a bomb pair, and shared the wealth with about 6 of my friends by making them some for Christmas. But that was about as extensive as I got. And it does take some time, especially with all that pinning and cutting out of patterns (I hated that part!)

Long story short, my aunt insisted on making me anything my heart desired, and when I stopped desiring things, she would pick stuff out for me. I had to beg her to stop volunteering to make more stuff. She finally consented on stopping as long as I would think about her making more when I go to have everything fitted. This is what she is doing for me:

4(!) skirts
One vest
One (cute!) plaid Jacket
A rain coat
a sweater
and a jumper

I'm spoiled, I know. I am seriously so blessed to have her support and also the support of all the rest of my family and friends!! I love my family and am so grateful to be placed in this specific one and I know this church is true, amen. (it was starting to sound like a testimony)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

my mom's pretty cool

Check it out...

My mom worked at the AI concert at Usana and this is what she brought back for me... How nice, huh?? Even though I never saw an episode of this years American Idol and I couldn't tell you what David Archuleta's voice sounds like, His autographed photo hangs with pride in my bedroom :)

Seriously though, my mom is great. Even when she's working away with the stars, she has her kiddos in mind and goes out of her way to get sweet stuff for us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Next time I play M.A.S.H, I'm using John Mayer as my celebrity spouse

So I just realized that the last three blog entries start with "Last night..." I need to start talking about events as they happen, like the day of, or even leave a day in between. Or I need some creative way to open up a blog. I have stinky creativity.

But for real, last night was AMAZING!!! Oh, words cannot express the thrill I had at the John Mayer concert. So my mom works there, right? Pretty sure it's great to have connections in high places, or in this case, at the Usana Amphitheatre. We were lucky enough to get chair seats. They weren't the greatest, but they weren't the bad, either. However, my mom pulled some strings and got my friend and me up close and personal for a song or two. She could have had us up there longer, but we felt bad, some of the guards were a bit reluctant to let us stay so we decided we would let the people who paid for the good tickets enjoy the show without looking at the back of our heads.
During one of the songs, he came over on the side right where we were standing and played like a 5 minute guitar solo. I tell you what, WOW! We were so close I could see the glistening spit in his mouth when he opened it. And if you didn't know already, John can play one bad-A guitar. He's incredible, and so is his face. He's got to be one of the most attractive men in the entire planet (I sound like a thirteen year old). For real, I haven't seen too many famous people so close so I'll admit I was a bit star struck. I don't think my dead dog could have wiped the enormous grin from my face. I think John and I even made eye contact for .000021 seconds. Incredible.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last night I helped my little sister pick out something to wear for a date. It was weird. It seems like just yesterday we were sharing a room laying awake in our beds makeing up "synchronized swimming" exercises with our legs or using our bunk bed to make puppet shows. Cali and I would call her "Baby" when she was a baby because I guess we were too lazy to call her Danielle. And now sometimes it's still "Babe." Danielle's grown up to be a beautiful intelligent fun little girl. I'm glad her friends and now guys(!?) see that too.

Last night I also went to a Rocky Votolato concert with my pal. I didn't go for Rocky though (I had never heard of him). I was mostly there to hear Cary Judd who I heard for the first time when I was in Wyoming. He is a brother in law of a kid that was in our singles ward branch, so He got Cary to come play for us. He was incredible last summer and even though Cary Judd was the opener to the opener last night, he didn't let me down. You all should buy his music. And it turns out Rocky wasn't too shabby either. I will buy his music.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

go home, ladybug

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to some people outside my apartment and I looked down and I had a ladybug on each of my big toes. And on top of those ladybugs there was an even smaller lady bug-just hanging out-on my big toes... In my dream I thought it was so cool that I took a picture and then blogged about it.

It was weird, but here I am, blogging about it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Let's go on a drive...How about to FAIRVIEW!

Last night my ward had a Relief Society cabin retreat up Fairview Canyon.

I'll bet it was fun.

Jessie and I had every intention of going down, of chatting away with all the girlies, and of eating all the food that was prepared. We even drove to Fairview, drove up the canyon, and took every road that could possibly lead us to our destination.

I was supposed to go up with the "later girls," which ended up consisted of just me and Jessie. There was a printed off Yahoo map and directions pinned to my door, and all we had to do was follow it. Easy enough, right? HA.

We were down to just 2 more directions,

...10. Turn R on SKYLINE DR

TA DA! And there we were supposed to find lot #37. Here we were driving along the canyon, looking for Skyline Dr. when we see it! Skyling Dr. right there! But do you want to know the trippy part??? There was NO RIGHT TURN. There was only a road to our left and a sign pointing down that road that said Skyline Dr. Hmm. Maybe the directions were wrong. So far most of the mileage things ("go 1.4 mi") had been wrong. What does Yahoo know, anyway?

We took the Left, and looked for a bearing right that would put us on Fairview Lakes Dr..


To make a LONG story short, We took about every road possible on Skyling Dr. (trusting that the directions were wrong) and drove a good way on all of those roads and even pulled into a few of the lots looking for #37.


So after about 2 hours of exploring every dirt road in mountain (we put up a good fight), we cursed Fairview Canyon and drove home.

Some may say that it was a waste of time, gas, and money. And it was, but I think it's safe to say that Jessie and I had some fun-ish times in the process. I wont lie though, when we weren't singing at the top of our lungs to Wicked (and switching parts in the middle of the song, getting excited when we finally successfully harmonized), it was a little spooky driving around in the dark although neither of us would admit it then (we probably would have spooked ourselves if we did). Some frequent phrases that were used in our adventure were, "we've been down this road already!" "deer!" "Skyline Dr. Sucks." "I'm going to whiz my pants." and many more...

After Wicked, we listened to some other random CD's I had bouncing around in my car. Music inspires emotion, depending on previous relations to certain songs, or artists. We talked about this the whole way home, and shared experiences that brought on certain emotions relating to music. We even discussed the meaning of musical ethos, and tried to figure out how to properly use it in a sentence... We probably had a pretty sappy selection of music, because most of our conversation centered around love, hurt, and happiness. Then again, a lot of music is about just that. Sometimes it's really hard for me to explain how exactly I feel about a certain topic, or person. I can't put it in words, until I hear a song or two that can verbally explain just what I couldn't say in words. It's cool how it helps explain the unexplainable for me. Oh the genius of artists.

Anyway, point is, after a few prayers, half tank later, and good conversation, we made it home in Provo, safe and sound. We didn't find the stinky old cabin, but we did have a decent adventure in the process.

There, I blogged.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

blah ble ble blah ack bleaaaaaaaaaaaa

I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to blooooooooooooooooooooooog......................................................................................................................................