Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was my "farewell" talk in the home ward today. I tell you what, it was scary, but it's done. And I'll also tell you what, wow! I don't think I could explain to you how stinkin' lucky I am to have such amazing FAMILY and FRIENDS. I had a lot of people I love there supporting me, and it made me quite the happy girl. I really don't know what I did to be blessed with so much.

Lucky me :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I had a dream last night that I was playing ultimate frisbee. As I went to block the goal (which was one of those blow up toys that you bounce around in), someone from the opposing team shot me. In the back. With a gun. I was in shock and layed on the ground for a while denying that anything had happened until the ambulance came and took me away. Then I thought I was going to die. The doctor, who happened to Carlilse Cullen (Oh yeah, baby), tended my wound and wrapped me up and I was muy bueno.

It was weird. I decided to do what my sister does when she dreams of something and look it up. This is what it had to say:

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun, suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You may feel victimized in some situation.

To dream that you are shot, and are feeling the sensations of dying, denotes that you are to meet unexpected abuse from the ill feelings of friends, but if you escape death by waking, you will be fully reconciled with them later on.

Haha (nervous laugh), I don't know about this. Pretty sure my friends love me, and I wont get any abuse from them.... or will I??? Dun dun dun!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

pretty much, we're cool

Coneheads + Mom's creativity and sewing skills + Halloween = freaking awesome

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

itsy bitsy spider ain't so itsy

One of the most horrifying and potentially one of the most humiliating things (had there been someone there to witness my performance) happened to me today. When I describe my near death experience, most of you will roll your eyes and think "why is she even blogging about this?"

But all I have to say is:


Just kidding, I have a lot to say about this... So there I am, driving my car down St. Street, minding my own business (which I'm very good at), when a big, fat, hairy, dang crap-nasty spider decided to join my little ride on the drivers side door.

Spider. Inches away. Mocking me. "What are you going to do now, you're driving?" He thinks (I'm sure of it). Let me tell you what I did. I screamed. I screamed hard and squealed and I could feel my face warp in horror as all eight of his nasty legs crept closer to me. With each minute bump in the road, the tiny monster jumped with the car. He was a jumping spider, I'm sure of it, which intensified my terror by about 10 fold. Seconds had passed, and all my frozen mind and body could do in defence was scream. I had to take action, and QUICK. It would only take an instant before he would find a reason to jump onto me!

It felt like an eternity as I cut across two lanes of traffic and clumsily parked my car in the nearest driveway.

Instead of being sensitive to the spiders sensitivity to movement, I flung the door open in haste. Bad idea, spider jumped on the seat that I somehow wasn't sitting in anymore. The only weapon of defence I had on me was my debit card. I flicked it onto the floor, and crushed the life out of him - with card (gross, I know) - because my shoe wouldn't be sufficient??

I then took a moment to breath and realized how incredibly ridiculous all the screaming had been so I started to laugh, but I was still so shaken up and my heart was still thundering that my laugh turned in to that voice-craking nervous laugh that reminds me of teenage boys for some reason. This made me laugh more and it continued for a few minutes.

That's my story. You're lucky to not have nightmares tonight.

But for reals, people. I've thought about this and I am a little disgusted at my reaction. What if there had been no way of escaping traffic? What if I caused a traffic accident? I've never really had any super traumatic spider experiences, so I can't figure out why the dorky little spider caused me so much anxiety. I won't be surprised if I wake up sore because of how tight my muscles sitffened up. And what was with the girly screaming? The last time I screamed like that I was on the Rocket at Lagoon. Wow, time to move on. Whew, how bout that.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jessie just told me she is going to rig my BSB/N*SYNC poll to make N*SYNC win. Oh, no you don't girlfriend. Poll Closed!

Thanks a lot Jessie.

And now she calling me a brat.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Dear Sister Jones

When I'm on a mission, I'm going to want letters. But I've been feeling guilty, and can't really expect much, because for most of my friends on missions, I was kind of a poopy writer. What goes around, comes around, right?

But In my efforts to fall asleep last night I devised a plan. It goes like this. If y'all come listen to me "blah, blah, blah," in church (my bishop hasn't said anything about it, hopefully he forgot!), I'll have self-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes handed out. Now, stamping and addressing shouldn't be the hard part, so I'm working on some kind of MAD-LIBesque template where you can fill in the blanks and it turns out to be a me. It will go something like this:

Dear Sister Jones,

How are you? I am doing ________ (adjective). Yesterday, I went to______(noun) and visited my_______(noun/proper noun) get the picture

See? Easy cakes. It could take a matter of seconds, and it doesn't even have to make sense; any letter will suffice.

What thinkest thou?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was wondering, why zinc lozenges can't come in any flavor other than cherry. bleck. I just tried to change the font back from red to normal, only I thought the normal color was white for some reason, and started to worry when none of the text was showing up.

Also, the past couple days I keep seeing shoes on the road. Random, single shoes just laying there, like they're waiting for someone to come pick it up and bring them home safe. Not gonna happen, little shoe. But what I don't understand is how that happens? I have now seen the said shoes on the freeway, highway, and here in a busy intersection. Did someone walk across the street when the "stop walking" hand was flashing and in a Cinderella haste forgot go back to save the lone soldier? Did someone get in a fight and chuck a shoe at another but the window happened to be down? No me comprehende.

I saw the Errand of Angles the other day. I made the mistake of telling my friends who disagree with girls going on missions about it. One friend said, "The devil is in that show!" Because now all the 20 year old girls are going to want to go on missions, instead of sticking around and getting married, "like they're supposed to." One of the guys kept saying " I hope *Gwendolyn (his girlfriend) doesn't watch it!" because I explained that a girl who had seen it is now seriously considering a mission. muahahaha... it's a sista revolution!!!

I would like to dedicate the following true story to Billy:

So once there was a horse named Molly who lost her leg in a battle with a pittbull terrier. To make a long story short, Molly's determination impressed a rich doctor enough that he made her a prosthetic leg.

This is the ground surface of the prosthetic. It has a smiley face embossed on the surface so wherever Molly goes, she leaves a smiley behind. This is cute, and makes me happy =) And you should consider something along these lines, Bill.

One more thing, I REALLY want this dog.

All pictures were taken from this website. Thanks, Ky :)

*Names have been changed to secure confidentiality. But Gwendolyn is a nice name, don't you think? And then you could just call her Gwen. I like it.