Monday, April 28, 2008

Ho Hum

Alright, folks. About time, eh?

It's been a while since I've written last and I don't really have a decent excuse. I won't claim it's because I've been busy because the few of you reading are thinking that I, still having a life lacking in relatively large responsibilities, don't even know what busy is. You're probably right. I don't have kids, a full time job (yet), and I'm not going to school (right now). But somehow I've found a way to occupy my time with stuff. Namely a boy, among other things. No worries, I'm not completely slacking in my duties to my own and others well being, I'm just having fun.

First things first. Finals:

Ahem- I mean final. I had one. Yup, and it wasn't like all the finals you most likely took. But I tell you what, it was challenging enough for me. And guess what? I'm not even going to post a picture of it (it was a drawing for my f-art class) because I didn't like it. But, I'll post a picture of my "personal project."

Let me do a little explaining first off. Last summer my roommate went to Africa with her mother (who is an educator) and others to help get a school up and running for some of the youth there. I know, she's way cooler than all of us. But while she was there, she took close up portraits of all the students. The pictures are amazing, and caught my attention so I decided (since our personal project could be whatever I wanted) to draw a picture of one of the little girls.

My professor suggested that for my senior project (that all art majors have to do) I should make a series and draw a bunch of the kids. I told him it was a good idea and that I'd probably do it but left out the fact that I'm not an art major. Oops.


So my fam decided to take a vaca and after putting them through a guilt trip, they consented to letting me tag a long.

Pretty much all I did was sit on the beach, eat a lot of food, and buy a lot-o-stuff.

So that's Danielle, my little sister parasailing. I got to do it too, and it was absolutely amazing. At one point a big old pelican decided to fly along with me, it was incredible being so high up. Not too far into my adventure my bottom fell out of the "seat" that consists of a large strap that you sit on (don't ask me how this happened). So needless to say I eneded up with the harnass digging into my inner thighs the whole time. Don't worry, friends, my journey was not thwarted by this inconvenience. I still consider it one of the more cool things I've done.

This is us shopping. Yeah, Erik actually bought one of those. It wouldn't fit in his luggage though. Continue viewing pictures to see why not.

Look what we found on a boat ride!


Like father like son.


There ya go, cal. I'm thinking this blog is just becoming a convenient spot to post pictures. I lost my facebook picture posting drive. Alas, here I am.

Obviously there are many more pictures to testify of the amazingness of this vacation. I'm really grateful I got to go and spend it with my fam. They're pretty OK.

Okay, one more thing. I officially put my two weeks in at Bath-&-Body Works today. "We're going to miss you, Alison." -Mindy

Yeah, whatev.

This last couple months I think I worked 4 or 5 times. The only thing that I'm going to miss (besides Kirstin but she quit too) is the 30% employee discount. Sure, it was an easy and relaxing job, and I always came away smelling splendid but my weekend nights just weren't worth the 30 dollar pay checks I was getting. You understand.

Instead I am going to be working-o-lot at my other job. My boss made sure I stopped calling myself a "secretary" because I'm the "administrative assistant" and I got a raise to go along with it and I have another raise pending. I'll probably get it in June. Don't get me wrong, I aint gonna be nobody's suga momma, I've got plenty I need to pay for and plenty to pay back.

Over all, in regards to my job I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Twice a week I'll be driving down to Mona along with what I was doing at the provo office to be the administrative assistant down there because someone decided to have baby. Then today I was voted in to the Focus program to be a guide. Now, this is the job I wanted in the first place. I originally wanted to work directly with the kids as one of their mentors, not be thrown into the office like because the big 2-1 hadn't hit yet. But apparently the program is in a huge need for another staff so until I'm 21, I "helping out." Got it? Rachel (one of the supervisors) just said that they'd hide me the day of audit so we don't get in trouble. I'm down with that. I just wasn't expecting it. And this said audit is coming up in May. We've been preparing for this audit since January, but now that it's so close my boss and I are scrambling trying to make sure everything is perfect. It's slightly intimidating knowing that if something goes wrong during audits, it's probably because I didn't catch it. I really don't want to mess up.

So it's pretty exciting and great that I get to have to many more hours, but it all just came at once. I was expecting to be eased into it. But it's good. I need the practice of being responsible :)