Monday, September 28, 2009



Spanks a million for your sweet sweet emails!! I weawe wuv wu gwuys…

That`s pretty awes that you could see a little bit of Chilean culture with that program. It`s true about the vineyards! There are a lot, and they're huge!! I am getting really excited for the summer because that`s when they start selling grapes again and the grapes are incredible (and ginormous!). Dad, I am sad to say but I don`t think I`ll be able to go to the seaside during the mission… There is only one sector on the shore and there are only elders over there  But I`m right tucked up in/near the mountains, so I get the best of the other world . The rainy days are getting farther and fewer between and the sun is showing itself more. I have a very VERY faint but noticeable watch tan line. Muahaha...let the farmers tan begin!!

I`ll start with last week (since I wasn`t able to send the email with last weeks events)

Cristina got baptized!!! It was so awesome! But a bit crazy too…okay, it was REALLY crazy. Remember how I`ve mentioned how our baptismal font is super fome (dumb)? Well, it did the dumbest of all dumb things for her baptism. Someone went about 3 hours earlier to fill the font. We got there about a half hour early to check on everything and all was well. The font was filled and even a little warm. So we went to work for a minute. But when we came back at the hour of her baptism we went and checked on the font. The scene, when I looked down in the font, was worse than the scene of a horror movie because it had completely drained. THE FONT DRAINED ITSELF!! (we still don`t know how it happened) I am sure my face warped in terror and panic because the bishop just kept saying ``Don`t worry, don`t worry`` as he ran around the corner with the fire hose. Yes, the fire hose. So we ended up blasting the ICE cold water and filling the font in less than a half hour. I was so worried for Cristina, but she said that she didn`t even feel cold even though our bishop who baptized her was shaking like a dog! She was so happy and it was very special!

Mercedes was confirmed this last Sunday too. Since her confirmation her countanence has changed 100 percent. Before she was often very sad and depressed but now she walks around with a new bounce in her step. Her family says it`s like she`s glowing  Mercedes told us she is `contentisima` that she got baptized. I love her so much and she makes me so happy! It is amazing to see the changes that gospel of Jesucristo brings into the lives of people. It`s really incredible. But the trial is, she still has her many health problems. Yesterday we had quite the big scare. In church after the sacrament meeting I went over to accompany her to the next class and she stood up but said she didn`t feel well and passed out in my arms. It was terrifying, but luckly there were a ton of people there and they all ran to help. They quickly took her to the hospital and there they gave her something to help. She is going to Santiago today to do more tests. She gets tests taken like every week to figure out what exactly is wrong and what they can do, but no one seems to have the answers. We talked to her yesterday in the night and aside from the scare, she was doing very well and had a lot of animo (I can`t think of a better word in English). And she only asked for our prayers. I love her so much and I feel so bad when she is sick, but she seems to be handling things better than she ever did before.

We`re also teaching another family, Gayardo Navarro and they are so incredible!

So the Chileano independence day came and went. They are crazy about it and decorate entire streets with streamers and balloons. The missionaries had p-day that day and our zone decided to celebrate Chile`s independence playing PAINTBALL! It was awesome, and I still have a couple fading bruises...

But everything is well. I love you all so much!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Mercedes se bautizo!!!


¡Sí, Mercedes se bautizó!!! Yippeeee!! It was so special too! Once again we were worried about the water being hot because that was Her biggest concern for her baptism (since she is very elderly). When the bishop went to fill up the font he forgot to turn on the water heater, so it was freezing cold about half the way up until they realized it was wrong but by then it was too late to drain it and re-fill it because it fills really slow… So she had to be baptized in luke warm water. I about had a heart attack because I was sure MERCEDES was going to have a heart attack! But it all worked out alright because she said the water didn`t bother her at all…( I was thinking of the story you told me again dad, about the old lady you guys baptized in freezing water!) It was an experience really special for Mercedes and for all. She got to the church a little early and so all she wanted to do is sit there quietly and read her Book of Mormon before her baptism started . None of her family wanted to support her in her decision to get baptized and she was very sad for that leading up to her baptism, but yesterday she said she wasn`t sad at all because she knows that all though her family wasn`t with her, she wasn`t alone, but was with Heavenly Father. In her testimony after she kept saying ¨!Estoy felíz! !Estoy contenta!¨ Ooohhh, it was so beautiful and very touching.

We are planning another Baptism this week, her name is Cristina and she is 31 years old. She has 3 kids and they are all investigating the church too, but just Christina will be baptized this week. She was an investigator of the Hermanas. She is incredible!!!! And we`re very excited for her and she is too 

Last Friday we all had to enter our house 3 hours early because it was el día de rebelde de los jovenes… adolescent rebellion day… apparently it is really dangerous, but nothing bad happened, we were safe inside our house….This week they have their independence day on the 18th. This day is HUGE they have been preparing for it since weeks ago. I am excited to see all the festivities (we get p-day that day too).

Monday, September 7, 2009

The "downs" get lower, but the "ups" get HIGHER...

We've taken some ¨hits¨ lately and they have been kind of stinky… As time goes by it seems like the ¨downs¨ somtimes get lower, but the ¨ups¨ by far have gotten even HIGHER. This week I have felt so touched by the spirit, but from things that would be considered so small and insignificant to others. By the simple acts or testimonies of the members or the sincerity of an investigator in their search to feel complete in the Love of Christ. I have felt very strengthened in my testimony of Christ and his love for me and for others. I really can`t begin to understand it all, but I have at least felt it, and seen it manifest in others. I have also felt a very strong convicion that these things are true. I have always known it, I have felt it, but just yesterday as I was sitting in the testimony meeting listening to these people testify of the simple truths, I knew it is true all over again. Few times have I felt so strongly that this IS the church of Christ. That I`m not just doing something good, or even something right, but that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the things we teach, are TRUE.

Remember Mercedes?? She`s had a lot of complications with her health, but she is moving forward and is excited to be baptized (it should be this weekend if she doesn`t get sick again). She was able to go to church yesterday and even bore her testimony!! It was awesome, but kind of funny too… her testimony had a very ¨Evangelical¨ swing on it because she kept saying ¨señor, SEÑOR!¨ in her testimony. Hehe. But I couldn`t stop grinning, she makes me so happy.

Also, SERGIO and ILDA are doing SO WELL!! In the beginning, Ilda didn`t want to get married even if Sergio could get his divorce, but she has had such a change of heart and now says that she will get married. She even went to church and liked it. Sergio has an appointment with a Lawyer today para averiguar como puede tener su divorcio. WHOOHOOO!!!

So a couple weeks ago it was really hot here (during the day). There was a lot of sun, I even left the house with a short sleeve shirt a couple times and everyone thought that summer was just about here, but it looks like the weather was just playing dirty tricks on us because the clouds and rain have made encoré entrance. Winter is still definitely here. I have officially had 3 umbrellas die on me. I will have to show you the picture of how my last umbrella died next week (I don`t have all the means right now to send pictures again).

If there is ever a break in the rain all the kids are outside flying kites. It`s such the ¨hip¨ thing to do here. Though the kites are really different. The barrel of string is like 20 times bigger, and they are made to put your entire hand inside so you can move it around and do funky tricks with the kites. It remindes me of when the ¨yo-yo¨ fad went down when I had about 11 years. Or when I was 11 years old (same thing, Stewart). But even the ¨cool kids¨fly their kites, it´s awesome.