Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Patricio Got Baptized!

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Hey, I just want to say thaaaaaat PATRICIO GOT BAPTIZED!!! There, I said it. And I am going to say this too…. it really almost didn´t happen. This was the most opposition in a baptism that I have seen and experiences in all of my mission. For about 100,023,423 reasons. I will tell the story another day. I actually spent just about all of my hour in an email to the president (I had a lot to talk about this week) , so I don´t have much time.

But Patricio is happy and it was truly a miracle. He felt overwhelmed. It has been over 5 months that he was sharing with missionaries, and years before too. He was ready and he felt that wonderful spiritually clean feeling…. and that is what I am here for. To be able to see and experience that change though the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Something beautiful that happened is that MONICA came to church yesterday with Jairo, but in a pretty skirt. That means a whole lot when the investigators or new converts go out of their way to buy church clothes. Her birthday was this week too and we did a tiny little surprise for her and she cried with joy and a gratitude. She wants to get baptized so bad. But now Jairo is having cold feet and doesn´t know if he wants to make that commitment. The hard thing is that they are still living together. She is willing to leave him until he makes a decision so she can be baptized, but is dependent on him, it´s not so easy here to go out and find a supporting job and especially when you're illegal and waiting on papers. She is trying to figure out her options while Jairo figures out his. The good thing is we have a wonderful member family that have taken them under their wings and are helping them in every form. I don´t know what we´d do without them.

Well… I love you all so much - sorry this is so short. Thanks Mom and Dad and Cal for writing me. I don´t know what I would do without your supporting love and words!

Hna. Jones

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