Monday, January 25, 2010

LUCI HAD BABIES!!! (Little Ricky, Bow, Wow, and Blanquita)


First thing… Muchas gracias por las fotos!!! Me gustan mucho! I especially got a kick out of the old school pictures that you sent. And thanks for writing me! Yes, dad, I am getting down wit da groov groov dawg thang. Don`t you worry your little head. Looks like everyone is doing just fine and dandy. I can`t believe that Danielle is going to be in college next year either! And I am so proud of Erik for fulfilling his goals and dreams in the career field. We`re just a pretty cool family, huh? I like my family a lot.

Well… I don`t really know where to start… I am going to be honest when I say that this week has been one of the hardest. It has been difficult physically, EMOTIONALLY, and spiritually. We`ve had some big time downers. Oscar won`t be getting baptized any time too soon (turns out he was lying about the word of wisdom) and that was really hard for him, which made it really hard for us. Manuel and Victor have been doing great, but in a couple weeks (before they would be ready to be baptized… Manuel is in the process of quitting smoking…and drinking…and it might take a little time ) they will be moving to Pichilemu for summer work (at the beach) and they have been in Pichilemu this weekend so we haven`t been able to talk with them. I am not sure why exactly, but it`s been a really hard hit for me. They (liders, preach my gospel) always say that we shouldn`t get discouraged, and I`m not discouraged but definitely very sad. Hna. Olson and I have developed a genuine care and concern for them. I love them like they are my brothers and I know this gospel will bring them such great joy, relief. Though all hope isn`t lost, once we talk to them we`re going to find out where exactly they will be staying so the missionaries can find them in Pichilemu. We have had a couple problems with the Elder in our sector. Things were done, and things were said that weren`t very pleasing. And that has been hard for me. But everything is alright now. BUT EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT NOW. It`s like that talk that Elder Uchdorft gave in an Ensign that talks about how above the dark rainy clouds, there is ALWAYS sun shine and good weather. And today I feel happy, it`s a new week. We actually had a wonderful experience yesterday with a family (Mom, and 2 children) who want to get baptized and we found a woman of GOLD. Shiny GOLD actually. She is looking for guidance and felt such a peace when we shared with her last night (We found her knocking doors at the very last minute of the day… ya gotta endure to the end!) And Hna. Olson has been an angel for me. She has a lot of patience for me. I am glad that we`re going to be friends forever too.

AND LUCI HAD BABIES!!!!! The other day we left the house and Luci and Ricardo were standing at our door waiting for us, to share the good news. We followed them a couple houses down to a house that no one lives in to find 4 chicitios. They are named Little Ricky, Bow, Wow, and Blanquita. We (with the help of a neighbor lady) we built a makeshift tent so they could have protection from the sun. Don`t worry, it didn`t take as much time as it looks.

I love you so much, thanks Danielle for writing me too! (I`ll write you back next week). I love you love you love you so much!!!! Thanks for your words of encouragement and love. I don`t know what I`d do without my family.

Hna. Jones

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pablito and Karina Update...

¡Hola hola hola!

Alrighty Pablito and Karina are doing SO WELL!! It was the cutest thing ever when we went to visit them a couple days after their baptism and confirmation. Turns out Pablito has a terrible fear of the dark and of being alone. He can`t sleep alone, and he can`t go up the stairs alone, but always ALWAYS has to be with someone. Well, the night after their confirmation he and Karina read the scriptures before bed and then Pablito said that he was going to go and sleep by himself. He said that he could do it now because he had the holy ghost their to protect and comfort him and that he wasn`t actually alone. How awesome is that!?? He has slept alone ever since  It is very special to listen to him and his testimony. We were talking about Christ and he said out of nowhere ¨I can`t wait until Jesus Christ comes again¨ I asked him why, and he said that he want`s to see him and be with him (physically). It was very touching.

We have started teaching a couple of brothers named Manuel (he`s 24 years old) and Victor (he`s 21). They both are very interested in the message and want to be baptized!! It`s awesome because they both are kind of like ¨cool guys¨ big and muscley and Manuel`s arm is covered in tatoos. But they are like humble little children when they listen, with lots of sincere questions. It`s hard to find them both together though. The other day we had a lesson with Manuel and the ward missionary Alex came with us (he`s a recent convert of about 8 months). We read 3 Nefi 11:14-15 with him, and talked about how Christ wants us all to come unto him, and how he loves everyone of us and that we too can come unto him, and ¨touch¨ his hands and come to KNOW him. We talked very shortly about this and then asked Alex to share his testimony of Christ. When the missionaries (Hna. Alvarenga was one of them!) found Alex, he didn`t believe in Christ or God. And wasn`t a very pleasant person (as he says). But obviously he has had a mighty change of heart. Alex testified to Manuel a simple but powerful testimony of Christ and the power to change through him. I felt the spirit so strong. We confirmed his desires to be baptized and Manuel answered with a definite ¨Sͨ.

We are also teaching Oscar. He is very special and is bursting with excitement about his baptism this weekend. ....

Did I mention that is is HOT here?? Well, it is. I actually don`t think it has gotten much hotter than 90 degrees, but the HUMIDY is killing me. The air feels so THICK. I often think it would be more efficient to make swimming strokes with my arms as I`m walking. Or maybe not. People would look at me funny. But they already do look at us funny so.... Okay, okay, so maybe I`m being a little dramatic. But I feel like I`ve been pretty good at not complaining too much this summer (It`s summer here!). I won`t complain about the heat for a while now ;)

Today we are going with the other Hermanas to ROME!! There`s a small pueblo in their area called ¨ROMA¨ and supposedly it`s really beautiful. So we`re going to go and have a picnic. Right on, dude.

After arriving home last night and planning Hna. Olson shouted ¨It`s FRIDAY NIGHT, WOO!!!¨ Because as a missionary ya work all hard up until Sunday night and the following day is like Saturday because it`s P DAY. It was funny. Though we don`t seem to party like Friday nighters. I made no-bake cookies and we went straight to bed (exhausted).

Wow crazy, huh? I didn`t know they sent flight itinerarys so early. But I guess that`s pretty cool, huh? Thanks to you both for sending me emails. I love hearing from you. I feel your love for the Lord and for Me. I love my family so much. I love you mom and dad so much. I truly couldn`t ask for better parents. And brothers and sisters (even though they don`t really write me...I know, wo is me, huh?) Nah, truth is I am exceedingly happy. I am loving life in the mission, even if it has thrown me a few lemons :P

Ok, mucho amor les mando. !Hasta la proxima semana!


Pablito and Karina got baptized!!!

Pablito, Pablo, y Karina

The ¨just baptized¨ are a little revealing, but I love this picture the same.

Hno. Arriagada (lider misional), Oscar, and Diego

Luci and Ricardo

Tiger spider. Yes, that is in our house, no, it wasn`t killed because NO ONE WOULD KILL IT!!! Supposedly it kills the ¨bad¨ spiders. Hna. Olson Named it FREDDY. And Freddy supposdely still lives because it is going to save us from the bad spiders aka the RINCÓN spider.

Okay… bad news first… JK there isn`t bad news!

KARINA AND PABLITO GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was the most beautiful thing ever. They were both really nervous, but more anxious. They had a lot of support from their family. Karina right now is ¨seperated¨ from her husband. They have just had a rough time together. But he came to support them as well and he came to their confirmation. He has listened to us before but hasn`t really had much of an interst, but their baptism was really touching for him. He became emotional in the service. The elders from another sector here are going to be teaching him and we`re hoping that this can bring them together again and that he can be baptized too!!!

But more importantly it was VERY special for Karina y Pablito. When pablito was baptized he left the water saying ¨!Me siento bien! !Me siento bien!¨ or... ¨I feel good! I feel good!¨ It was so cute. He walked around the chapel for the rest of the baptismal service with a goofy smile and a goofy walk because it was like he was walking on clouds. When Karina was baptised she left the waters and gave Pablito a hug (she was baptized last) and then she broke down and started crying. She felt such a relief. She felt so overwhelmed with joy. It was very touching. I love this. I love seeing these people feel the Savior`s love. I love seeing them so happy, changed, touched.

We were pretty much walking on clouds too the rest of the day.

And then there is Oscar. Remember him? He was the one that served us broken bread and a small glass of water in a lesson becase that`s what we like in our church. He goes to church every Sunday but in the end he didn`t want to be baptized becasue he didn`t want to obey the word of wisdom. But he has had a mighty change of heart after seeing a few baptisms and told himself ¨Basta con tè!¨ If everyone else can be baptized, why not him too? He is OVEREWHELMED with engery and excitement to be baptized.

We also met another woman named Elena. She also wants to be baptized and had shared a year ago with Hermanas, but they left her because she just couldn`t quit smoking or reading tarot cards. Yes, tarot cards. Just days before we found her she had commited herself to stop reading tarot cards and is on her way to be baptized too... it`s really interseting teaching her but she`s hilarious so I love it too. I`ll keep you updated on this one...

And Luci and Ricardo are our friends. Ricardo slips in our fence every night to sleep on our lawn. Luci sleeps outside the gate because she`s too fat to get in. But they`ve been staying with us every night for a few whole weeks now. It`s hilarious!

Aaaannnnddd.... I want you to know that I love you so much family!! Thank you for writing me, thank you for thinking about me. I love you with all my heart.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Feliz año nuevo‏

When the time comes I am going to miss these people. I will have to live it up good right now because I only have this transfer left here in guadalupe before they change me again. And time goes by so fast. I am still so excited for Pablito and Karina. They are more excited than ever too! She had a few problems with the word of wisdom, but she has been living it faithfully for a while now! Woohoo! So they are doing well. They will be bapized this Saturday. Hna. Olson and I are trying to find more people. We have found quite a few people that are really great, receptive but in the end it seems like they all have to leave on vacation for 2 months or work every day and don`t have much time, so that`s been a little difficult but we`re still workin hard!

I mentioned that we were going to have two elders in our area now. They are both from the USA. They are good workers. We started this week all excited about the changes. Though the truth is, this week has been...interesting... I think one of the elders ( who is also our district leader) has had bad experiences with Sister missionaries before or something like that becuase it feels a lot like he sees things as a competition...who can find more, has more success. We haven`t felt a lot of unity. It`s weird. I shared an area in Machalí and Graneros wih sisters and not once we felt the need to compete. We felt a lot of support from the other sisters actually. Who knows. We`ll just have to show him that sister missionaries are not all that bad after all...whaddayathink?

Some REALLY happy news... Fransisco, who was baptized in November was just called as ward secretary. It`s happy because Fransisco is perfect for this calling and to serve. He is nervous, but really excited for his call too. I love hearing him share his testimony with investigators or in lessons. He can`t describe the change and joy he has felt since his baptism just a month and a half ago. It`s sa-weet!

I had a good new year. We (Hna. Black, Pastrana, Olson and I) ate lots of food, played ¨UNO¨ and stayed up until 12 (woohoo!) to celebrate. The next day we had an activiy just like the christmas activity with our zone and played water balloon vollyball. Because it`s hot here....not like there....